1 Year Post-Doc Position

We are pleased to announce a 1 year post-doc position with the Emmy-Noether project “Knowledge and Decision”.

You find all relevant details here.

And FAQs are answered here.

Please note that we have a two-step application process in which step 1 is fully anonymous. For this to be possible, please contact only the e-mail address mentioned in the advertisement.

Update: The position has been filled.


Internal Summer Workshop

During the break, we usually host a small internal workshop. Everyone is welcome to attend. As the workshop is pre-read, please contact Moritz at moritz.schulz[at]uni-hamburg[dot]de for getting access to the papers. This summer’s schedule looks like this:

10-11:30 Patricia Rich, “The Logic of Probabilistic Knowledge”

11:30-12 Coffee

12-13:30 Moritz Schulz, “Justification and Causal Models”

13:30-15 Lunch at a Vietnamese place

15-16:30 Jacques Vollet, “In Defence of the Certainty Norm for Assertion”

16:30-17 Coffee

17-18 Roman Heil, “Unsafe Knowledge, Individual Cases and Mixed Reference Classes”

19:00 Dinner at Froindlichst (a vegan burger place in walking distance)

Venue: R 03026 (“Besprechungsraum”), Überseering 35.

Internal Workshop

The Emmy-Noether group hosts a small internal workshop to connect some of the research going on in Hamburg.

The programme will be this:

10:15-10:30: Welcoming coffee.

10:30-11:45: Jakob Koscholke (Hamburg), “Average mutual firmness and relative overlap: disentangling two explicata of coherence

12:00-13:15: Jacques Vollet (Hamburg/Geneva), The necessity of knowledge for action and the excuse manœuvre”


15:00-16:15: Richard Dietz (Hamburg/Tokio), “Decision Making with Imprecise Preferences: Revisiting the Opaque Sweetening Problem
16:30-17:45: Judith Simon (Hamburg), “Trust & Big Data”
Venue: Überseering 35, Room 03080, 22297 Hamburg. 

Patricia visits Sun Yat-sen University, China

Patricia has visited the Logic and Cognition Department of Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou for two weeks to discuss research topics, hosted by Dr. Hailin Liu. She gave two lectures, one on strategic reasoning in social epistemology, and one on foundational issues in Epistemic Decision Theory.

New research issues related to our project’s topics were also discussed. The department in Sun Yat-sen has strong research focuses in game and decision theory — particularly from the normative perspective which is most important to philosophers — and in Bayesian epistemology. They were therefore especially interested to discuss the ways in which a knowledge-based approach to epistemology and a knowledge norm for action might influence our interpretation and selection of decision-theoretic norms.