Our research group is proud to organize the current Ringvorlesung at the Philosophy Department of the University of Hamburg. For this winter term 2017/2018 the lecture series is entitled Gute Entscheidungen – good decisions. We will have the pleasure of welcoming international experts in order to talk about issues in decision-making from various perspectives including legal, medical, psychological and of course philosophical. The talks are not only open to students and staff – the general public is also warmly invited!


Book Symposium

We are happy to announce a book symposium on Sarah Moss’ upcoming book Probabilistic KnowledgeThe symposium will take place August 16-18, 2017 at the University of Hamburg. It will not only feature Sarah talking about her new book but also a number of great commentators. For more information see hereUpdate: you can find some pictures of the event at the “pictures“-section of this site.

We are also happy to point out that there are funding opportunities for students who would like to attend the event. Interested students are warmly invited to apply with a short CV and a few lines stating why they would like to attend the symposium.

PhD Position

The project is currently looking for a PhD candidate to join the project. The position is fully funded and lasts for three years (it is ranked at a salary level of 65% compared to a full position). The candidate will be embedded into the project enabling him/her to profit from discussions with other project members working on similar issues. The position also comes with general travel funds and the opportunity to organize a workshop on one’s PhD topic or invite relevant guest speakers. You can find the official call for application here.

Update: The position has now been filled.