Internal Summer Workshop

During the break, we usually host a small internal workshop. Everyone is welcome to attend. As the workshop is pre-read, please contact Moritz at moritz.schulz[at]uni-hamburg[dot]de for getting access to the papers. This summer’s schedule looks like this:

10-11:30 Patricia Rich, “The Logic of Probabilistic Knowledge”

11:30-12 Coffee

12-13:30 Moritz Schulz, “Justification and Causal Models”

13:30-15 Lunch at a Vietnamese place

15-16:30 Jacques Vollet, “In Defence of the Certainty Norm for Assertion”

16:30-17 Coffee

17-18 Roman Heil, “Unsafe Knowledge, Individual Cases and Mixed Reference Classes”

19:00 Dinner at Froindlichst (a vegan burger place in walking distance)

Venue: R 03026 (“Besprechungsraum”), Überseering 35.