Patricia visits Sun Yat-sen University, China

Patricia has visited the Logic and Cognition Department of Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou for two weeks to discuss research topics, hosted by Dr. Hailin Liu. She gave two lectures, one on strategic reasoning in social epistemology, and one on foundational issues in Epistemic Decision Theory.

New research issues related to our project’s topics were also discussed. The department in Sun Yat-sen has strong research focuses in game and decision theory — particularly from the normative perspective which is most important to philosophers — and in Bayesian epistemology. They were therefore especially interested to discuss the ways in which a knowledge-based approach to epistemology and a knowledge norm for action might influence our interpretation and selection of decision-theoretic norms.


PhD Position

The project is currently looking for a PhD candidate to join the project. The position is fully funded and lasts for three years (it is ranked at a salary level of 65% compared to a full position). The candidate will be embedded into the project enabling him/her to profit from discussions with other project members working on similar issues. The position also comes with general travel funds and the opportunity to organize a workshop on one’s PhD topic or invite relevant guest speakers. You can find the official call for application here.

Update: The position has now been filled.