1. Ringvorlesung Gute EntscheidungenWinter term 2017/2018, University of Hamburg. Our speakers are:

  1. Till Grüne-Yanoff (Stockholm)
  2. Mark Siebel (Oldenburg)
  3. Anna Welpinghus (Dortmund)
  4. Andreas Müller (Bern)
  5. Johanna Thoma (London)
  6. Ralph Hertwig (Berlin)
  7. Judith Simon (Hamburg)


2. New Trends in Epistemology Workshop, October 5-7, 2017 at the University of Hamburg. Speakers are:


3. Book-Symposium with Sarah Moss on her forthcoming book Probabilistic Knowledge, 16-18 of August 2017. Commentators will be

  1. Anna-Maria Asunta Eder (Boston).
  2. Hans Rott (Regensburg).
  3. Richard Pettigrew (Bristol).
  4. Kenny Easwaran (Texas A&M).
  5. Catrin Campbell-Moore (Bristol)
  6. Andrew Bacon (USC)
  7. Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa (British Columbia)


4. The Hamburg-Oldenburg Rationality Workshop 30-31 of March 2017 at Hamburg University. Speakers will be Jakob Koscholke, Patricia Rich, Michael Schippers, Moritz Schulz, Mark Siebel, and Yannic Kappes. Details here. Update 1: Mark Siebel and Michael Schippers have switched their spots. Update 2: The title of Yannic’s talk will be “Abductive Modal and Post-Modal Epistemology”.